What To Do If The Touch Pad On Your Laptop Does Not Work?

Having problems with the touchpad is common. Luckily, that means finding a solution is not difficult. The only problem is that there can be different causes. Sometimes the touchpad is just dirty, sometimes it is a software problem and sometimes it is a driver unless the device is simply broken mechanically.

touchpad not working

Basic Care

The sensitivity of the touchpad can be affected by extreme temperatures. The movement record can be affected by sweat and oil, so make sure that your hands and the touchpad are clean, and that the laptop is not overheating. Many touchpads have physical insurance to prevent you from interacting with them by accident when you do not want to use them. A sliding latch or strip next to the touchpad will indicate its status.

Check Software Problems

If the touchpad still does not work, it’s probably a software problem. Restart the laptop in Safe Mode. In this mode, only the controllers of the pad are loaded, but not the management software of the same. So if it works in Safe Mode, you know that the problem is the software. Uninstall the software. Go to Add / Remove Programs in the Control Panel.

If your touchpad does not work in Safe Mode, you will have to remove the software as well as a removal process, because both this and the drivers may be causing problems. Press the Windows key and then, with the arrow keys, navigate to the Control Panel and Add / Remove Programs. Remove the software that mentions your touchpad. You will need to use the Tab key several times to get to the “Delete” button. When you have removed the software, restart the laptop. To do so, press the Windows key and then the top arrow to navigate to the shutdown menu.

Check Driver Problems

If it’s still broken, it might be a driver problem. You may want to plug in an external mouse at this point, although it is usually not a good idea to introduce additional hardware when you try to fix the one that exists.

Go to Device Manager to remove the drivers. Press the Windows key and enter Control Panel> System> Hardware Tab, Device Manager. Use the Tab key to navigate through the System Properties window. Go to “Mouse and other pointer devices” by pressing the Tab key and navigating with the bottom arrow. Press the right arrow to expand the menu. Choose the mouse driver and press the menu key on your keyboard, which is usually between the space bar and the right Ctrl key. Navigate to the Uninstall option with the bottom arrow. There may be a category called “Other Devices” in the Device Manager. This is where all the unrecognized devices go. Expand that menu and delete those devices.

Restart your laptop again. If Windows does not recognize your touchpad and reinstalls its drivers at this point, you will probably need to check with the manufacturer. You should be able to use an external mouse in the meantime.

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