How To Make A Food Donation

The main program is Food Rescue. We receive food and products that are fit for consumption that has lost their commercial value. These foods after being classified in our warehouse are distributed among social organizations. This program has distributed more than 53 million kilograms of food and products.

food donation

Donations come mainly from the food industry, supermarkets and fruit and vegetable producers. Logistics companies collaborate by donating freights that are used to move food from the donor to the Food Bank as well as to bring them closer to a social organization that does not have the cost to transfer.

The Chain That Feeds

  • The donor offers to donate food that is suitable for consumption and not expired.
  • Once in the Food Bank deposit, volunteers collaborate with the classification of those foods, which must be controlled and reviewed.
  • The Bank team offers monthly donated food to more than 1000 social organizations that are part of its network.
  • Each social organization arrives at the warehouse to look for your order that has previously been ordered and prepared according to your need.
  • Finally, the food withdrawn arrives at the Social Organization where they will be consumed.

We receive both perishable and non-perishable food, as we have an adequate storage facility to classify and store them, and with 6 cold rooms with controlled temperature for the storage of refrigerated and frozen products.

The Food Bank does not accept expired food. The food must have the label of the legible expiration date and the description of the ingredients.

What foods can be donated?

  • Nonperishable food
  • Perishable foods: chilled and frozen
  • Raw materials and semi-finished products.

Some Of The Reasons Why Companies Donate Food Are

  • Surplus production / sales / promotions.
  • Products with short expiration / short shelf life.
  • Products with defective packaging or labelling.
  • Customer Returns
  • Seasonal products out of season.
  • Some donors join the foundation within their production chain and donate a certain amount of
  • food continuously.


Each donor obtains a receipt and a traceability report once the merchandise was delivered. There are detailed each of the organizations that have received the food and the number of kilos delivered to the institution.

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