Android Apps That You Can Not Miss

During the last 10 years, the number of Android users has not stopped growing. A trend that has catapulted the operating system of the green android to be the main dominator of the smartphone market. For this reason, today we will talk about the best applications for Android, either for its usefulness, popularity, originality or ability to entertain us.

best andriod apps

So, if you want to be up to date with the new mobile apps for Android this 2019, this post is sure to delight you. In our selection, you will find everything you need to not get bored for a single second, from addictive entertainment apps and games to the best social networks of the moment or tools to be more productive with your mobile. And without a doubt, Android has a wide variety of apps that delight users. Let’s see them!


Surely you have it installed, but also recommend it in case the flies. Messenger is a Facebook app that is used to send free messages to your Facebook contacts and those in your mobile phone’s calendar. It is very fast, easy to use and easy to understand.
It also allows group chats, sending photos and/or videos, and of course, allows you to call for free – provided you have WiFi or mobile data. You can activate or deactivate notifications for when you enter and leave work.


Of course, the one that you can never miss if you have a cell phone in Spain. WhatsApp is the free instant messaging application par excellence, the number one choice among all its competitors in the country: Line, Telegram, Wechat, etc.

Your functions and you know them well: communication at the moment with your family and friends, the possibility of group chats, send emoticons, images, videos and voice audios. It allows you to mute notifications – an ideal option for those conversations between co-workers or your group of friends – as well as blocking unwanted contacts or hiding the time of your last connection.

Tinder: The one chose to flirt

It is available for both Android and iOS and, as it is the most used, you have more numbers to find someone that fits you. In this post, we teach you how to use Tinder to flirt.

An app to meet people who are around you, which allows you to contact who you want and that allows you to see if you are related to certain people or not. You can tell if someone likes you or “pass” them anonymously. If you like someone and is reciprocal, you can start a chat.

And the chat, a real date, and the date … who knows? If you are not yet convinced, try downloading it and you will see how once inside, you stay in this fantastic application to find a partner.

Duolingo: to learn a new language

The subject of English is something that many of us have stuck, either for time (we are too engrossed in our work and day to day) or for money (cheap English courses do not tend to abound, or are of low quality). With this application to study languages, you have it solved: you can study English in your dead times or journeys and also, FREE.

However, other factors such as laziness or boredom to learn English fall into the game. With Duolingo that is easy to arrange, since it is mounted as a system of levels and prizes. It starts from scratch and finishes dominating the language since it emphasizes in oral, vocabulary, grammar and spelling.

TED: enjoy the best informative talks

Are you one of those who are pricked by curiosity to learn? If this is the case, then you should not hesitate a second to download TED, an application where you will find videos of talks made by experts contrasted in different fields, such as science, technology, politics or psychology, among others.

The application has almost 2,000 talks, all of them in high definition and with subtitles available in more than 100 languages. Also noteworthy is the offline functionality, which allows downloading the audio or video of each conference to be played later without internet.

TED is integrated with Chromecast and you can access all its content without having to invest a single cent. Yes, you read it well, you do not have to pay ANYTHING. Learning for free is priceless.

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