What To Do If The Touch Pad On Your Laptop Does Not Work?

Having problems with the touchpad is common. Luckily, that means finding a solution is not difficult. The only problem is that there can be different causes. Sometimes the touchpad is just dirty, sometimes it is a software problem and sometimes it is a driver unless the device is simply broken mechanically. Basic Care The sensitivity […]

What To Do If My iPad Does Not Respond

My iPad does not turn on, why do not you turn on my iPad? and what should I do? We have received many requests like these from many anxious users. These are the most common situations when an iPad 2/3/4 / iPad Mini / iPad Air / iPad Pro stops working: My iPad suddenly stopped […]

The Keyboard Is Not Working

What To Do If The Keyboard Has Stopped Working There is no feeling of greater impotence when the computer keyboard suddenly stops working. While many of the functions on a PC can be carried out only with the mouse, a keyboard is a necessary element to carry out the real work and make things simple […]